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Hiya!  My name is Jaclyn Pierrot and I’m a piece of shit . At least that’s what some people would have you think . I like to think of myself as sensitive, kind, and willing to babysit your kids for a fee . Okay -  a ransom . The . 44 magnum tucked into the back of this monkey suit they've jammed me makes the metal detector snitch like a canary in a coal mine, so I quickly take stock . Three guards, unarmed . Peripheral cameras on a close feed system . Six witnesses - one hostage . I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck as they stand on end . The sound of the waterfalls that formed a facade in front of the walls became a roar as I ready myself for the rumble . I hold my breath . Fortunately, though, the guard with the Groucho stache waves us past as this long-necked conservative bitch I am with brandishes a badge . It says she’s some sorta big shit from DC, but give me a roll of duct-tape and a blowtorch and I'll get more done for the United States in a few s

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